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 "Bullying Is Like Cancer, the Only Way to Stop It Is to Cut It Out"
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Bullying Prevention Information for Kids & Parents

Protect Your child From School Bullys and Cyber Bullying

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Learn more about bullying prevention from our dedicated nonprofit organization in Winnetka, California. Established in 2008, Jeremiah Project 51 is determined to attack and defeat bullying one school district at a time until bullying has been eliminated from all schools.  We are currently adressing the newest form of bullying (Cyber Bullys) as well.  Our founder started this nonprofit organization because he knows what you and your child go through with bullying. Contact us today for more details on our proven steps to bullying prevention.


Jeremiah Family
About Us
The Idea of Jeremiah Project 51 was put into place because Jeremiah Lasater was a boy who was let down by the system. A loving, caring boy full of life, Jeremiah was your average high school student; he played JV football and was full of hopes and dreams. Standing 6' 6" and weighing 275 pounds at only 14 years of age, he was a gentle giant that would never hurt anyone. He never let on that he was a victim of bullying.
Jermiah's Legacy
He internalized everything and kept it all in until the end. On October 20, 2008, Jeremiah went to high school like every other day, and the unthinkable happened. Jeremiah walked into the bathroom and killed himself because of the bullying and harassment he went through on a daily basis at school. Jeremiah's legacy did not end in that bathroom. His father, Jeff Lasater, founded Jeremiah Project 51 as a nonprofit organization designed to stop school bullying.  We are currently assisting in the prevention of cyber bullys as well.

Part I - Student 800 Number
This 800 number allows your child to call if he or she is being bullied or if he or she witnessed someone at school being bullied. Jeremiah 51 gets the name and number of the school and asks them to investigate the bullying complaint; the school has 24 hours to do the investigation. We also notify you, the parent, and call or visit the school to ensure the ibullying nvestigation has been done. After one week, we contact your child and make sure that the complaint has been handled.

Part II - Parent 800 Number
Our 800 number for parents is perfect if you have been unable to get your child's school to address the bullying problem. These complaints are handled the same through fashion as a student call.

Part III - Prevention
Jeremiah 51
ensures that some kind of educational program is started in your child's school that involves the school, you, and your child. It also helps you to recognize the signs that your child is being bullied.
Part IV - Zero Tolerance

There is no excuse for bullying to continue. Schools need to enforce strict regulations against harassment and bullying.

Part V - Mentor Program
Senior students can be assigned to a bullied student to give him or her someone to talk to and someone that will check on them daily until the follow-up is no longer needed. If a mentor or student feels that the problem is continuing, either has the option of contacting school officials or Jeremiah 51.

"When We Put Our Kids on the Bus, We Think They're Safe
But They're Going into a War Zone. Now It's Time to Fix the Problem"

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Call us 24/7 at (866) 721-7385 for questions or support from our anti-bullying nonprofit organization.